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Mid-summer, I’m feeling inattentive to my creative side, Monday comes and goes and no blog is posted. The summer torpor perhaps. I’m taking an online art retreat, I’m in slow motion doing the assignments, but I can feel the mojo emerge. I did take this kinky picture while I was cleaning out my studio.

I used to take photos of Barbie Dolls
We love Charlotte. She is very affectionate. Loves tummy rubs. Welcomes company. A strong hiker, jumps over logs with abandon. She is cautious when she hears a new sound, stops, then explores. We are taking a “Foundations for Agility” class together. She’s a quick and enthusiastic learner and very food motivated.
I went to Old Salem the Fourth of July to attend an early morning service, outside in the square, celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a good friend was playing clarinet in the Moravian Band.
Charlotte and I go to the pond almost every day after she eats her dinner. She hops up on the bench and we sit together and enjoy the stillness and beauty of the afternoon.
Ross Family West moved this weekend. Their new neighborhood has a cool park with a swimming pool.
In a recent mountain bike race in Madison, everyone in the family “podiumed” (is than even a verb?).
Poppa Bear got a first
Mama Bear a second, “baby bears” thirds
Bye for now

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  1. Always good to get your news. The Barbie’s were a surprise.

  2. The anonymous one was Silvie. I forgot to name.

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