It cools `off in the evenings, but the warmer days have made us think about air conditioning. No chance of that happening soon. We are looking forward to our trip to Wisconsin for our annual family get together next week.

Dennis bought me a “bee keeper” outfit and I enjoyed a tour de hives. It is very impressive to see inside the box, it’s jammed with busy bees.

Finished a project for my “birthday” friends. We usually get together three times a year, but not during the pandemic. So I had fun hosting our reunion and I thought it would be fun to make everyone a tiny book.

The 6 pages are on the left, the covers in the middle, extras to the right.
Meditative marks, time consuming but enjoyable
Finished just in time
Charlotte has a new outdoor run, a little bigger than her crate for our longer day trips. Dennis made a handsome dog house.
Charlotte at the pond
Dennis made the front page of the Winston Salem Journal. He was working as a vaccinator at the local stock car race track. Quite an experience. A strike force of 11 only vaccinated 10 people.

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