A Biker’s Vacation

A hefty bike rack for a family of 4

On our first anniversary Dennis and I gave each other road bikes, Motobecanes, I think, from a bike shop in Berkeley, California. We gave each other mountain bikes for our 40th birthdays, and ebikes on our 50th anniversary. Our children grew up riding bikes, and their children as well.

The Ross family got together this year in Wisconsin. We celebrated being together, and no surprise, bicycle riding was the focus of the vacation. Mountain bikers age 5-50. The “older adults” stuck with road riding. We spent the first couple of days in Madison.

Eight mountain bikers, getting ready to ride
Uncle Drew and Zoe
Sarah catching air
Emily taking a drop.
Elli heading out with her Mom

And when we weren’t biking.

We visited Beth’s successful garden, she’s already planning for next year.
Beautiful light, clouds of flying insects

We walked to the neighborhood park

And Drew set up a slack line
It turns out Sarah can land an Axel and walk the slack line. She and Drew made it look easy.
Cousins invented their own balancing acts

After dinner we walked to get ice cream

And played a rousing game of telephone
And Poppa tried out his new easel!

After a weekend in Madison, we headed north, 3 cars, 10 bicycles and LOTS of FOOD…to be continued.

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