What’s up?

It’s a beautiful fall here in the mountains

I traveled solo to Portland, Oregon and Madison, Wisconsin for what I’m calling a ”granny-nanny” gig, one week each. As you might imagine, I came home tired and happy. In Portland, I got to see the new house in the near suburbs of Portland.

Winding streets, beautiful established gardens make the new neighborhood a good place for a run.

The new house is very near a beautiful park with a swimming pool, sports courts, playgrounds, etc.

I love the kitchen

Ellie helped me make pizza Friday night and pancakes Saturday morning, we managed that one night without the parents. The thumbs up indicate that the pizza was almost as good as their father’s.
And of course we watched Saturday morning cartoons!

Sunday morning I flew to Madison. The parents left the next morning for a back pack on Lake Superior. They had a very good time. And Sarah, Emily, Suzie and even Penny (the chocolate lab) had a good time as well while they were gone. The kids were pretty busy, but we had time for fun too. We had a free for all shop at Whole Foods, they are pros. I was up to watch them get ready for the day, totally on their own. I did provide dinner most nights and transportation when necessary in the afternoons. Penny and I had a lot of nice walks.

Here’s proof that the girls practiced the piano.

At the end of the week we had time for clothes shopping, always a fun activity. We did a neighborhood art walk and went to our favorite independent bookstore and ate at the yummy bakery next door.

Back at home I wasn’t looking for more hobbies, but I’ve taken on two new activities. I am teaching English to a new ESL student. And, Charlotte and I are doing agility together. She’s the agile one and I’m trying to learn how to be a good handler. It is challenging for both of us and we come home from class very happy.


Our friend Dave takes excellent photos of birds and dogs!

I still fit in some creative time, but not as much.


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  1. What fun for everyone, Suzie! And your valentines are scary beautiful!
    Welcome Home!

  2. Sounds like a great trip. Hope we can arrange to see you again in Portland sometime.

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